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Aurora Mobile joins hands with Konica Minolta to Optimize User-Experience

Aurora Mobile joins hands with Konica Minolta to Optimize User-Experience
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Konica Minolta Office Systems Co. Ltd., (hereafter referred to as \”Konica Minolta\”) and Aurora Mobile Limited, a prominent supplier of marketing technology and customer engagement services in China, have entered into a strategic partnership. With its industry-leading notification messaging services, Aurora Mobile will assist Konica Minolta in enhancing user connection and engagement.

Konica Minolta was founded in 2005. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta, a multinational technology corporation from Japan. Konica Minolta moves forward to develop new products and offer customers individualized digital solutions and top-notch after-sales services on the foundation of a customer-centric corporate strategy and a sincere belief that creativity affects the world. To date, Konica Minolta has provided customers in a range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, banking and insurance, logistics, and education, with competent, integrated value-added digital services.

To assist Konica Minolta in implementing fully integrated reach and engagement of users, the company will make use of its artificial intelligence (AI) powered technologies, ML-based push messaging services, and intelligent operational analytics. This collaboration exemplifies the widespread recognition and reliable, dependable technology and services provided by Aurora Mobile to prominent multinational corporations. The two businesses will continue to look into prospects for collaboration in the area of sophisticated short-distance mobility.

In Shenzhen (China), established in 2011, Aurora Mobile is a pioneer in consumer interaction and marketing technology. Since its establishment, Aurora Mobile has concentrated on offering dependable and effective messaging services to businesses. Aurora Mobile Limited is a top platform for mobile big data solutions in China. China\’s mobile app developers have access to a wide range of services from Aurora. The company\’s developer services offer fundamental in-app features needed by developers, such as push notifications, instant messaging, analytics, sharing, and short message service, and they seamlessly interact with all sorts of mobile apps (SMS). Aurora provides access to a massive amount of de-identified, real-time, device-level mobile behavioral data through its developer services. The company can receive device-derived data from many different dimensions, thanks to Aurora\’s developer services, which may be connected to different applications on the same device. With its benefit as an initiator, Aurora Mobile has developed into a major mobile messaging service provider. The company has created cutting-edge solutions like Cloud Marketing and Cloud Messaging to assist businesses in multichannel reach and interaction with the consumer, as well as marketing technology solutions powered by AI and big data to support businesses\’ digital transformation, in response to the rising demand for consumer reach and marketing growth. Following the initial collection of mobile behavioral data, the company\’s information processing technology aggregates and anonymizes the data before storing, transforming, structuring, and encrypting it for use in AI-powered modeling exercises.

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