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Authenticx Unveils New Solution Enabling Users to Discover Customer Experience

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The platform that helps healthcare organizations analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale, Authenticx, unveiled their new solution that identifies customer experience (CX) using machine learning (ML) and expert analytics, Eddy Effect Dashboard. After aggregating CX data, Eddy Effect Dashboard, the disruptions in the customer journey that results in customer dissatisfaction and attrition can be identified using the solution.

“The three pillars of healthcare – payers, providers, and pharma – are rapidly adopting digital transformation to enhance patient care. Unfortunately, the industry has an overreliance on survey data, thus overlooking the authentic customer voices flowing into healthcare organizations every day. The Eddy Effect Dashboard disrupts the market and challenges how collecting customer feedback has always been done. In listening to what customers have to say via various communication channels such as voice, chat, and email, and using data-backed storytelling to diagnose the patient experience, business leaders can make better, more informed decisions to address organizational concerns and improve customer interactions,” stated Amy Brown, founder, and CEO of Authenticx.

Majority of the healthcare organizations rely on surveys to gather information and monitor patient experience. Actual customer behavior and customer perceptions won’t be indicated in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Unsolicited input from consumers must be focused on by healthcare businesses to uncover meaningful insights that will improve the customer experience.

Unwanted patient feedback can be listened to by CX teams using Eddy Effect Dashboard which gives insights in areas such as:
• Eddy Accuracy – In order to discover Eddy Effect interactions, the accuracy of machine learning models are monitored alongside expert human analysis.
• The conversation lengths that contain Eddy and that don’t contain Eddy are tracked and monitored to identify Eddy Impact.
• Determines the real cost of the Eddy Effect on the company to detect interruptions within the customer experience journey.
• The major areas of disruptions are identified by monitoring variations in sentiments during interactions.

Healthcare businesses may obtain a pulse on the systems working well or possible warning lights for trouble ahead. Enterprises can empower their teams by collecting metrics, offering context on customer journey hurdles, communicating rich insights in a consolidated, big-picture perspective, and can develop data-backed stories using the dashboard.

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