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Automated Facial Recognition Without Selfie Deletion and Identity Verification Via ID.me

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ID.me unveils the option for identity verification without facial recognition. The new option could be accessible to the public.

“We have listened to the feedback about facial recognition and are making this important change, adding an option for users to verify directly with a human agent to ensure consumers have even more choice and control over their personal data,” stated ID.me Founder and CEO, Blake Hall. “In recent weeks, we have modified our process so government agencies can empower people to choose to verify their identity with an expert human agent without going through a selfie check. Agencies can now select this configuration. Additionally, all ID.me users will be able to delete their selfie or photo at account.ID.me beginning on March 1.”

ID.me enables all US citizens to interact online with government agencies in a safer and more equitable way. Users of ID.me technology have full command over their information. The agencies with offline options can verify using a human agent online also.

“ID.me is deeply committed to access, equity, security, and privacy. Since 2013, the company worked directly with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to advance a consumer-centric model of identity verification where individuals – not data brokers or credit bureaus – get to decide how their data is shared,” said Hall.

After completing over three million verifications, ID.me is now expanding its service that provides facial recognition without facial recognition. Through their experience, ID.me was also able to prevent several crimes in the state. The organization has also prevented a fraud of $210 million, and four states have appreciated ID.me for their vigilance. The new announcement will enable ID.me to work more customer friendly and will enable their agency partners to keep-up their principles.

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