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Automation Anywhere and Startek Team up to Enhance Robotic Process Automation Capabilities

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A global leading provider of customer experience management (CEM) solutions provider Startek,  announced a partnership with Automation Anywhere, a global provider of cloud robotic process automation services (RPA). The partnership between Startek and Automation Anywhere will enable the company to implement AI-powered RPA capabilities along its entire customer experience (CX) value chain, helping its partners meet the growing demand for technology.

Sanjeev Sinha, Global CIO, and Chief Digital Officer, Startek stated, “By partnering with Automation Anywhere, we can now leverage intelligent automation capabilities at a global scale by driving increased productivity while managing costs and turnaround time. This collaboration is a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey and is an indicator of our progress on the RPA maturity curve.”

Startek will benefit from this collaboration by faster gaining access to Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, the Digital Workforce, and other value-added services at all levels of its global customer business processes. Startek can also identify automation opportunities and build robust customer experience solutions using the Automation Anywhere platform and cloud-managed delivery, accelerating efficiency and customer value. One of this partnership’s key objectives is to support the development of RPA skills through strategic investments in Enablement, Advisory, Customer Experience, and Industry-specific solutions. In addition, it will provide technical guidance, testing, development of software bots, and free training and support on RPA.

Milan Sheth, EVP-IMEA, Automation Anywhere, said, “Customers are facing a real-time challenge in managing the increased volume of work with limited resources. Intelligent Automation plays a crucial role in augmenting business processes across front, middle and back offices by seamlessly communicating with the applications and automating mundane, repetitive tasks.”

Automating marketing utilizing digital and data-driven strategies is one of the many ways the company is examining to help customers win, future-proof their existing engagements, and enable more intelligent Go-to-Market efforts. Startek’s new partnership will help clients future-proof their RPA journey with a platform that combines sophisticated RPA, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and embedded analytical technology.

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