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AWS Announces Three New Serverless Analytics Offerings

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Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), came with an announcement that included “availability of three new serverless analytics offerings” which will help customers to analyze large amount of data without configuring, scaling or managing the fundamental infrastructure.

The new serverless offerings comprises Amazon EMR that will allow consumers to run analytics applications utilizing open-source big data frameworks (Apache Spark and Hive) without managing the basic infrastructure. The second offering is Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) to streamline real-time data streaming and consumption.  And the third is Amazon Redshift to allow consumers to run high-performance data warehousing and analytics workloads on petabytes without doing cluster management.

The newly announced offerings and other serverless analytics offerings from AWS such as Amazon QuickSight for business intelligence and AWS Glue for data integration, consumers can have easier and cost-effective operation for modernizing their infrastructure and evaluate a huge amount of data without thinking twice about incurring extra costs or capacity planning by over-provisioning for high demand.

Customers don’t have any direct commitments or added costs to use Amazon Redshift Serverless, Amazon EMR Serverless, and MSK Serverless, and they just need to pay for the capacity they take for their analytics workloads.

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Database, Analytics, and Machine Learning at AWS, stated, “By offering the most serverless options for data analytics in the cloud—including options for data warehousing, big data processing, real-time data analysis, data integration, interactive dashboards and visualizations, and more—we are making it even easier for customers to maximize the value of their data to drive innovation, improve customer experiences, and make better decisions faster. With these new serverless options, customers can run even the most variable and intermittent analytics workloads and expand the use of analytics throughout their organizations without worrying about provisioning or scaling capacity—or incurring excess cost.”

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