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AWS Wavelength Powers Net4’s Video Analytics

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Net4 has launched Net4.Vision, a video analytics platform powered by AWS Wavelength that is based in the UK. The Net4.Vision platform is scalable and flexible with advanced security features.

Alex Taylor, Net4’s CEO said, “We are excited that Net4.Vision is now available to our customers. It is powered by AWS Wavelength and uses the 5G network, enabling our customers to reduce the cost of ownership of video analytics solutions whilst simultaneously enabling a scale-on-demand capability.”

SeeChange’s physical recognition platform, SeeWare, is the foundation of Net4.Vision. This enables the deployment of a wide variety of analytic models across a wide range of industries. With Net4.Vision, both new and existing video cameras can be used, extending their lifespan and increasing their value.

Buildings and workplaces have changed over the last few years in a smart way. Building owners and businesses need to understand how workspaces are changing. A smart building solution from Net4 provides detailed insights into workplace utilization, allowing for optimum building use and greater efficiency.

Net4 has also made available a health & safety solution aimed at enhancing workplace safety. A workplace accident not only costs money and impacts operations, but it also affects employees, visitors, and customers. In addition to monitoring for spills and obstructions, Net4’s solution provides alerts and enhances safety management in key areas.

AWS Wavelength users can access Net4.Vision’s video analytics platform immediately on any 5G network equipped with AWS Wavelength zones. In the UK, Germany, United States, South Korea, and Japan, Wavelength zones are already available. Net4 invites interested channel partners and customers to contact them to learn more about Net4.Vision and how it might help them enhance their operations.


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