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Azadea Group Enhances Omnichannel Customer Engagement with MoEngage

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Insights-led engagement platform MoEngage, with its Hyper-Personalization solution suite, has empowered the retail brand Azadea Group to deliver omnichannel personalization and real-time customer engagement across the customer’s digital purchase cycle.

MoEngage’s AI-powered customer journey orchestration, customization capabilities, and in-built analytics are using by Azadea Group to provide a genuinely seamless shopping experience for its customers at scale across mobile, email, online, SMS, and other communications channels.

To offer the greatest shopping experience and provide detailed consumer insights based on customer needs across regions and demographics, Azadea wanted unified customer data. It lacked the ability to carry out ‘hyper-personalization’ on a large scale and across several touchpoints.

Azadea wanted to build a platform to get an overall insight regarding their customers based on an insight-led engagement strategy. They were able to create a data warehouse with insights related to customers at each point of purchase, customer engagement campaigns, and increase conversions and sales through focused communication.

“We were looking for a CDP (customer data platform) which can work as an omnichannel CRM tool and support multi-channel communication and analytics,” says Mr. Shaheer Usmani, Head of E-commerce Marketing for Azadea Group. After reviewing various platforms offering all these features, Azadea zeroed in on MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform.

Azadea can do data analysis and campaigns using the MoEngage platform, which helps campaigns move towards a customer-centric strategy. SMS and WhatsApp integration have also been chosen for offline payment channels.

“Adopting a hyper-personalized marketing strategy powered by data and AI gives us the instant capability to see, react, and choose personalized actions based on a customer’s profile,” says Mr. Abhishek Tiwari, Manager CRM at Azadea Group.

“We are excited about being part of Azadea Group’s transformation journey & power their vision of delivering exceptional customer experience”, said Raviteja Dodda, CEO & Co-founder, MoEngage. “It is humbling to know that the implementation has reduced churn and increased repeat purchases across the customer’s digital buying journeys,”

Remarkable changes have been made in Azadea’s market standards after the applying the suite, like follow-up purchases of trending products, a reduction in cart abandonment using the alerts from the platform, cross-sell using new products at a discounted price and sending daily notifications on low-stocked products.

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