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Bairong Partners with SPDB to Empower Digital Transformation

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The China-based, Bairong Inc., is a global leader that provides independent financial big data analytics solutions, recently announced that they have partnered with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) Credit Card Center to strengthen SPDB’s revolving credit and post-loan risk monitoring system. Through this cooperation, Bairong and SPDB will grow their partnership by leveraging Bairong’s industry-leading AI technology to demonstrate a management system for existing credit cardholders and provide technological empowerment to boost the digital operation of SPDB Credit Card Center.

Bairong has built a cloud-native technology platform that supports the full business cycle of FSP clients, including pre-lending risk management, post-lending monitoring, NPL management, and insurance risk management, enabling them to reduce exposure to fraud and improve their risk management effectiveness. Bairong also provides big data marketing and distribution services that enable FSP clients to reach and serve their target customers more effectively.

Nowadays, credit card issuers face a lot of challenges in terms of customer management, questions come in front of them such as how to speed up the response to sudden changes in the consumer credit profile. They want to add more accuracy and efficiency which can adjust the credit lines of cardholders. The main areas that credit card issuers are focusing on are to strengthen customer risk control, handle the problem of dormant credit card accounts and solve difficulties in identifying the varied needs of customers.

Bairong has specifically aimed at all these large problems which can potentially stop the growth in the market, the company has developed exclusive full-scenario model combinations and pre-screening strategies based on SPDB’s business characteristics. Bairong will leverage customized model combinations that include anti-fraud, post-landing monitoring, and marketing response to understand the loan demands and accelerate management efficiency for their initial customers.

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