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Bavard Adds New Features to its Conversational AI Chatbot Platform

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Bavard – announced new improvements to its conversational AI chatbot platform, including new features that let clients intercept automated chats and talk live with customers, as well as a comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides important user data and insights.

Ben Brewer, the Senior Software Engineer at Bavard, said, “Bavard’s message center is a game-changer in the world of chatbots. Conversational AI makes it possible to provide automated answers to your customer’s questions, but Bavard takes this one step further, allowing you to intercept automated conversations and talk live with customers when more complex issues arise, or you want to provide a more personalized experience.”

With Bavard’s easy-to-use message center, businesses can effortlessly track past and current automated interactions with their customers. Using Bavard Success Engineers or adding examples quickly and easily to their chatbot training model themselves, clients can incrementally improve the bot’s accuracy. Additionally, companies can receive notifications from the message center in the web app, allowing them to intercept automated conversations in real-time and engage directly with the customer.

Roanna Keough, the Senior Software Engineer at Bavard, commented, “Gone are the days of a ‘set it and forget it’ chatbot. Our new analytics dashboard enables companies to make better decisions with data and insights collected from every conversation so they can constantly enhance their chatbot’s performance and meet the evolving needs of customers.”

Companies are implementing chatbots on their websites today to gain an understanding of how users interact with them but have not been able to see how they interact before. Through its new analytics dashboard, Bavard offers businesses an in-depth look at customer data and insights such as the number of conversations, average conversation length, types of inquiries, etc.

Bavard helps brands leverage this technology so they don’t miss the chance to engage with customers; analysts predict that chatbots will save businesses $8 billion by 2022 and 2.5 billion hours by 2023. Any company can incorporate a chatbot into their website for free thanks to Bavard’s free options and flexible pricing.

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