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Bavard Introduces Conversational AI Chatbot To Transform Customer Engagement

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Bavard recently announced the launch of a new AI-powered, conversational AI platform that engages and supports customers 24/7. With Bavard chatbots, businesses can easily customize and deploy them without programming.

David Brown, Bavard Co-founder & Lead Software & NLP Engineer, said, “Interacting with your customers should be effortless. We’ve made customizing and deploying your chatbot interface easy and efficient. Whether you are a small restaurant wanting to help customers navigate your menu, order food, or make reservations, or a multinational corporation handling millions of support cases, the Bavard chatbot can set you up for success.”

By using Bavard’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) feature, you allow your chatbot to learn from your experience what questions your customers will ask, then give it the answers to answer as they interact on your site. This can be done in a variety of languages. The suggestions that your customers make can be constantly gathered, learned from, and applied in order to improve your service. Chatbots get smarter over time and users get a personalized experience each time.

Angie Brown, Co-founder, and CEO of Bavard said, “The majority of consumers are spending more time online and the need to automate and optimize the experience is greater than ever. Bavard provides cutting-edge AI chatbots and platforms to help companies engage with their customers around the clock. Thanks to our unique AI chatbot and the ease of integrating it with other tools, we are confident that Bavard will become a market leader in the conversational chatbot world. Our ultimate goal is to help companies reach more consumers while also providing a pleasant experience for everyone.”

Using Bavard AI chatbots, you can customize them to match your corporate branding and exclude any features that you do not need. Incorporate interactions such as videos, hyperlinks, forms, and GIFs, and turn your chatbot into a personality that tells jokes or uses one-liners. Our APIs and webhooks also allow seamless integration with numerous applications including Slack, Shopify, SMS, and many others.


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