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Wish to contribute to AIxOutlook? We value your inputs.

Contributing to our website will not only enrich our resources, but it will also help you express ideas, gain a viewership and most importantly, build a relation with our team.We understand that you may be slightly confused as to what and how you can contribute. Please read ahead to clarify all your qualms.

General Guidelines for contributing to AIxOutlook

We aim at exploring the world of technology and artificial intelligence. Hence, any input you may have regarding these is welcome. Your thoughts and experiences deserve an outlet and viewership. However, keeping in mind that we want to provide our readers the best content available, there are certain things you may be able to do to ensure that.

Be Unique and Distinctive

Chances are if it’s a popular trend, we’ve covered it already. Look through our archives to ensure this isn’t the case. If you have knowledge or opinions that educate us and our readers, be sure to highlight those.

Be Original

We want to hear your unfiltered thoughts. It would be extremely disappointing if we find out you’ve borrowed from or taken credit for someone else’s hard work.

Be Specific and Clear

The best way to write something is to leave behind broad views and generalizations. Narrow your focus and write only things that are relevant to your topic of discussion. Generic information doesn’t really resonate with readers, so adding it will only make your content stale.

Know your Audience

Don’t be afraid to add examples, images and arguments that forward your case. Even add that pop-culture reference that comes to your mind. Anything that supports your facts, opinions and argument deserves to be in the article.

Be grammatically accurate

Proof-read your article before sending it in, or better yet, ask a co-worker or peer to do it for you. Re-reading your article will reduce the need for re-drafting or formatting.

Our Editorial Process

We maintain a rigorous filtration and editorial process to provide the best quality content to our readers. Hence, our editors strive to ensure that
  • any content we publish is exclusive to our website.
  • any content included in the article is relevant to the domains that we cover, and our readers are interested in.
  • all content is free from promotional material, vendor-specific references or contact information of any kind.
  • any data borrowed from a source is cited accurately.
  • all data is factual, and opinions are not defamatory.
  • articles are published only after being edited and proofread multiple times. (This also means that no specific publishing date or time can be guaranteed.)

Editing and Publishing Rights

When contributing to AIxOutlook, we also hope you realize and accept that – We (the AIxOutlook team) reserve the rights to edit and publish articles at our own discretion and submitting an article does not ensure it will be published.

We assume the right to edit any submitted articles for reasons including, but not limited to, style, accuracy, length, headlines, sub-heading, titles, format changes and legal compliance. We reserve the right to re-publish or promote said article on our social media channels, ensuring your identification as the author.

Once submitted to AIxOutlook, we may utilize the content at any point in time, assuming that the content has only been shared with us. We do not take responsibility, legal or otherwise, for personal opinions, errors or omissions on your part.

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