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Beeline and HiredScore Partners to Unlock Total Talent Acquisition at Enterprise Scale

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It has been announced that Beeline, a global provider of non-employee workforce management solutions, and HiredScore, the leading provider of ethical and compliant human resources intelligence, have formed a strategic partnership to help industry leaders access Total Talent Acquisition.

Beeline’s senior vice president of strategy and product, said, “Many of our clients are experiencing rapid growth in hiring, both full time and contingent labor, and are under pressure to fulfill needs faster than ever before. Welcoming HiredScore to our platform ecosystem enables instant rediscovery and redeployment of qualified workers to accelerate time-to-fill, improve quality and screening fairness, and reduce cost.”

Using HiredScore, Beeline helps enterprises achieve their HR transformation goals and achieve Total Talent Acquisition. The artificial intelligence (AI) of HiredScore helps Beeline’s Extended Workforce Platform reveal the best talent in the extended workforce, greatly improving access to the finest candidates within less time.

Athena Karp, HiredScore’s CEO and Founder said, “Given increasing workforce agility demands, high costs of vacancy, and shifting skills needs, the intelligent connection between Beeline and HiredScore brings tremendous business value. Our clients find that the majority of talent in their existing People systems, including the VMS, are unutilized and could fill a majority of job and project needs while ensuring compliance and fairness.”

For enterprises to achieve ambitious and impactful goals, global talent strategies are imperative. In partnership with HiredScore, Beeline and HiredScore provide a framework for Total Talent Acquisition that enables HR and procurement teams to satisfy business stakeholders’ needs more quickly with higher quality, greater predictability, and a commitment to compliance and data privacy.

Greg Muccio, director of talent acquisition at Southwest Airlines, said, “This innovative solution provided by Beeline and HiredScore will help us quickly find the best candidates, across multiple ‘talent haystacks,’ freeing up my team to do more high-touch recruiting.”


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