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BEN Group Releases a Suite of New AI-driven Creator Economy Tools

BEN Group Releases a Suite of New AI-driven Creator Economy Tools
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BEN Group, a market leader in entertainment artificial intelligence (AI), closed the third quarter with record growth in the EMEA region, new product and AI capabilities, and an expanded partnership with TikTok. BEN Group empowers brands and creators to capture engaged human attention across social media, streaming, TV, music, and film content.

With a +25% YOY rise in revenue, BEN\’s global creator (influencer) marketing and product placement divisions kept up their steady development. Notably, BEN\’s EMEA area saw record-breaking revenue and booking growth of +148% and +207% YTD YOY, respectively. Additionally, the company expanded its clientele by adding additional companies to its portfolio, such as Chosen Foods, Caraway, and Rovio. With a record 12M users, BEN\’s TubeBuddy SaaS platform—which aids marketers and creators in optimizing their YouTube audience and channel growth—now serves close to 20% of all active YouTube channels.

Additionally, BEN strengthened its partnership with TikTok in Q3 and was recognized as a legitimate TikTok Sound Partner, enabling brands on the platform to collaborate with BEN directly to support marketers in developing effective sound-on strategies. Over 27 billion people have watched TikTok advertisements for which BEN has provided music clearance.

With 175 new team members already on board, BEN has actively invested in expanding its technical and sales teams in 2022 to support this development. Two further patents for BEN were approved, focusing on contextualization and predictive analytics for streaming content and social media.

With new, futuristic capabilities for campaign forecasting, BEN expanded its role as the AI-driven architect of the creative economy in Q3. BEN integrated its extended AI capabilities right into its TubeBuddy platform, giving content producers and brands better engagement data and opportunities, including an intelligent, AI-driven title generator, to position their video for success. The following tools are currently under development: heat maps to evaluate thumbnails and provide attention maps to choose the image that promotes the greatest interaction; AI-optimized thumbnails with click-through rate predictions to increase CTR by 30%; and a video retention prediction tool to forecast view time on videos.

“The power AI has to predict successful outcomes of video and growth performance is unmatched in the entertainment industry. Technology helps brands and creators of all kinds harness their creative identities and connect directly with audiences. The enhancements to our AI-driven tech stack are just the beginning for us. We’re ecstatic to be at the forefront of solidifying technology’s role in digital, pop, and Creator culture”, Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN Group.

Future plans call for the company to introduce a single solution that will serve as a one-stop shop for the marketing, entertainment, and creator economy sectors. The website will give creators and companies the tools they need to collaborate across streaming, digital, and social platforms and gain a deeper understanding of their audiences.

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