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Blue Prism Help Zurich Insurance to Scale Intelligent Automation

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Zurich Insurance, one of the world’s largest insurance providers, implemented their robotic operating model (ROM) with the help of Blue Prism® in order to scale intelligent automation (robotic process automation fueled by AI) and ensure that their people have the skills and knowledge required for an evolving workplace.

Eric Tyree, head of AI and innovation at Blue Prism, said: “Zurich Insurance is a quality example of what can be achieved with top-down buy-in for intelligent automation and a clear vision for its workforce. With a robust, agile, and ever-improving robotic operating model, Zurich and its workforce are well prepared for the increasingly competitive environment that lies ahead.”

Zurich had developed intricate systems over the years, but its automation efforts focused on cutting through these systems to create a more efficient business model. Taking full advantage of the benefits of digital transformation requires top-down understanding from executives. Zurich realized getting C-level buy-in was paramount for the business.

Stephen Aldred, continuous improvement & automation manager at Zurich Insurance, said: “To get any kind of success in automation, you need to understand the human element. You need to understand why people are fearful about it. You need to understand what training is required. Our CEO is passionate about workforce sustainability, and we are immensely proud of the automation academy program that we have delivered. There’s now no exec member that doesn’t have automation as a topic on their agenda.”

Zurich has increased automation’s exposure throughout the business by using 68 Blue Prism robots to carry out 140 processes, managing 85% of its functions. The robots that handled manual tasks saved 88,583 hours in the year following the refresh.

Zurich created an Automation Academy so as to assure it was producing a skilled workforce of the future. They invited employees who are passionate about reimagining how they can work for the better to launch the Academy. The employee also becomes either a developer or a business function automation advocate, assisting the company in identifying automation opportunities to shape the roles of tomorrow.

With high demand for Academy seats, the company plans to offer automation pods for each function, which will enhance speed and automation based on the requirements of the business.

Alongside Zurich’s work on ROM, Blue Prism continues to enhance the capabilities of its AI-powered digital workers. In addition to making automation easier and faster, these capabilities will enhance the scale, intelligence, and efficiency of enterprise operations by enabling businesses to orchestrate their digital workforce intelligently alongside human counterparts.

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