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BlueHalo Acquires Intelligent Automation to Boost Technical Capabilities

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‘BlueHalo’ is a leading provider of advanced engineering solutions and technologies to the national security community. It announced that it has formed a joint venture with Intelligent Automation, Inc. also known as IAI.

Jonathan Moneymaker, Chief Executive Officer of BlueHalo, said, “IAI has spent the last three decades building a premier platform focused on bringing innovation to market.  With nearly one-third of their workforce having PhDs, IAI has an incredibly deep bench of world-class scientists, developers, and engineers, and we at BlueHalo could not be more excited to partner with the IAI management team as we continue to expand our capabilities across areas critical to national security. Encapsulating BlueHalo’s mission areas with IAI’s world-class multi-domain artificial intelligence/machine learning-based technologies will accelerate and enhance BlueHalo’s trajectory while creating a repeatable, sustainable engine of innovation.”

With headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, IAI provides data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), cybersecurity, hypersonics, and radio frequency or communications technologies.  In addition to its highly qualified employees, which include more than 75 PhDs, IAI has developed a repeatable model of progressing R&D and prototyping initiatives into market-focused products and customer-driven solutions for Department of Defense customers and commercial customers alike.

Doctors Leonard and Jacqueline Haynes, founders of IAI, said, “When we began IAI 34 years ago, we knew we wanted our business to be built around the superior quality of our technical work, outstanding service to our customers, and an impeccable work environment with an excellent professional staff.  We are pleased that BlueHalo will continue to support these pillars in its acquisition of IAI.  We are confident that together they will produce an even stronger generation of significant new technology.”

BlueHalo’s ability to quickly deliver mission-critical technologies into warfighter’s hands will be enhanced by IAI’s outstanding track record of productizing solutions through advanced research and development programs.  BlueHalo will continue to provide its customers with leading-edge technologies across the full spectrum of national security priority areas through its more than 30 distinct product lines.

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