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Boxed and Snowflake Collaborate to Offer Spresso SaaS Capabilities to their Customers

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Boxed, a firm specializing in commerce technology, announced that its Spresso SaaS platform is now Powered by Snowflake. Boxed is both an e-commerce retailer and an e-commerce facilitator. By assisting them at every stage of the application journey in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, the Powered by Snowflake initiative, part of the Snowflake Partner Network, aims to expedite businesses’ and application developers’ capacity to produce unique apps.

Jared Yaman, Chief Operating Officer at Boxed and Spresso Business Head, said, “Our partnership with Snowflake allows our customers to seamlessly share the data needed to drive Spresso outputs. In turn, Spresso models run in the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud, returning predictive analytics and actionable insights to our mutual customers to achieve better business outcomes.”

Spresso solutions provide customers with actionable data to promote cost-effective growth and efficient scaling of their enterprises. The platform’s modularized analytics and machine learning solutions target possibilities in the retail ecosystem, enabling businesses to more accurately forecast customer value, anticipate churn, optimize pricing for profitability and conversion, and increase packing and shipping efficiency.

Rosemary Hua, Global Industry GTM Lead, Retail and CPG at Snowflake, said, “Our partnership with Boxed will drive valuable insights for our joint customers, providing them with the analysis they need to optimize their businesses. By becoming Powered by Snowflake, Spresso will allow our joint customers to leverage a streamlined implementation with a single source of truth to help them increase profitability, reduce churn, and drive a better customer experience.”

Boxed has been a Snowflake customer for a long time, as well as a member of Snowflake Partner Connect and, more recently, the Snowflake Partner Network. The Snowflake Native Application Framework, which is currently in private preview and allows application developers to build apps using Snowflake core functionalities, distribute them globally on Snowflake Marketplace, and deploy them within a user’s Snowflake account, was used to create the Spresso tools and modules. Spresso will soon be accessible to the more than 6,300 customers who make up Snowflake’s Data Cloud Ecosystem, leveraging Snowflake enablers like Snowpark, Snowsight, and other esteemed marketplace partners.

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