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BrainChip and Edge Impulse Collaborate to Improve AI/ML Deployments

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BrainChip Holdings Ltd., a pioneer commercial producer of ultra-low-power neuromorphic AI intellectual property, and Edge Impulse, a leader in machine learning (ML) on edge devices, are collaborating to deliver next-generation platforms to customers interested in developing products based on the businesses’ unique capabilities.

Zach Shelby, CEO, and co-founder at Edge Impulse said, “Organizations are understanding more and more the importance of implementing machine learning capabilities within their products to turn them into the ‘smart’ devices that consumers are clamoring for. By integrating solutions, such as deploying BrainChip’s neuromorphic IP with our ML platform, developers and enterprise customers are empowered to build advanced machine learning solutions quickly and efficiently so that they are well-positioned as leaders within their respective markets.”

Akida, a ground-breaking neural networking architecture patented by BrainChip, delivers AI to the edge in a way that has never been possible before. It offers high performance, fast processing, and on-chip learning. Across industrial and commercial applications, Edge Impulse focuses on providing machine learning capabilities for sensors, audio, and computer vision. In addition to BrainChip’s Akida technology, Edge Impulse’s platform and tools enable customers to take advantage of the competitive advantage and market access offered by ML with fast and efficient development cycles.

With Edge Impulse, developers can easily create and optimize real-world solutions based on embedded machine learning. Through the company, the process of building, deploying, and scaling embedded ML applications has never been simpler or faster. The benefits spread across every industry, and millions of developers are making billions of devices smarter.

AI can be deployed at the edge with BrainChip in a way that cannot be done with existing technologies. The company’s technology is high-performance and low-power, enabling capabilities such as on-chip, in-device one-shot learning. From consumer electronics to industrial IoT to electric vehicles, BrainChip’s IP can be utilized for a wide range of applications, including smart sensors that are highly sensitive to visual features, odors, taste, touch, and sound.

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