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BrainChip and NVISO Partners to Enhance AI in Automotive and Edge Devices

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Commercial producer of neuromorphic AI IP and chips, BrainChip has entered into an alliance with human behavioral analytics firm, NVISO focusing on the need for high-level artificial intelligence with low power technologies in robotics and mobility/automotive applications. As part of the partnership, NVISIO will install its AI solution for social robots in Akida processors of BrainChip’s in-cabin monitoring system.

Sean Hehir, BrainChip CEO, stated, “NVISO’s human behavioral analytics AI systems offer fascinating possibilities in homes, cars, buildings, hospitals, and more, and we’re enthusiastic about supporting these functions with BrainChip’s processing performance and energy efficiency. This is not only a collaboration between two companies, it’s advancing the state of the art in AI with platforms for edge AI devices to interpret human behavior, improving product performance and user experience.”

Akida is an AI/ML firm that processes vision/image, motion, and sound data locally on devices rather than in the cloud. User privacy and security are also safeguarded because the information is not transferred off-device. With great performance and ultra-low power, Akida overcomes power and connection limitations.

“Our work with BrainChip will support AI’s demanding power/cost/performance needs for OEMs, even at mass production and scale, so they can benefit from faster and more efficient development cycles. Ultra-low power edge-based consumer processing is expected to deliver a more intelligent and individualized user experience, and we believe running our AI solutions for Social Robots and In-cabin Monitoring Systems on Akida will provide a competitive edge for joint customers demanding always-on features on low power budgets,” stated Tim Llewellynn, CEO of NVISO.

Human behaviors, facial expressions, and gestures can be easily analyzed using NVISO’s unique technology. The users’ emotional condition can be detected using human behavior analytics helping in delivering personalized, adaptive, interactive, and safety devices. More advanced, capable, and accurate AI applications are expected to be introduced as part of the partnership between BrainChip and NVISO.

Akida, BrainChip’s first neuromorphic processor, replicates the human brain by analyzing only relevant sensor inputs at the moment of capture and processing data with exceptional efficiency, precision, and energy efficiency. Keeping AI (Artificial Intelligence) or ML (Machine Learning) on the chip, rather than on the cloud, saves latency while simultaneously boosting privacy and data security.

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