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Bright Selects Lexalytics to Power Its Immersive Learning Platform

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Lexalytics, a leader in AI-based NLP technology, and Bright, an immersive learning and simulation company, have partnered to develop original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As part of its efforts to redesign corporate learning, Bright will integrate Lexalytics’ Semantria API into Bright’s practice-based training platform and its coaching-based training features.

Jeff Catlin, Head of Lexalytics, said, “Our next-generation, AI-powered NLP engine is about providing our partners the power of AI as a way to unearth hidden intelligence within their platforms. We’re looking forward to working with Bright to extend the power of automated AI within the immersive learning market.”

Through immersive learning, coaching, real-life practice, and human-led artificial intelligence, this partnership provides a great sense of purpose for both companies and for shaping the future of learning in these rapidly changing times.

Rob Wright, the CEO of Bright, said, “Bright’s approach to immersive learning has been helping customers answer the L+D question leaders care about most: Are my people ready? The Lexalytics partnership helps us do that in an even more powerful, scalable way in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to do this on our own. While most training companies are using AI to decide what classes learners should take next, we’re pushing the technology much further. This partnership delivers the corporate learning world’s first fully customizable AI-powered simulation + coaching engine. The results will be fewer classes and quizzes, more life-like practice, and an increased ability to prove that investments in training are actually paying off.”

In the wake of the “Great Resignation,” which has seen millions of employees leave their jobs in the past year, the combination of Bright and Lexalytics will help companies understand what training and coaching employees require in order to feel meaningful and valued. In addition, Bright’s learning approach, now powered by Lexalytics, enables organizations to reduce employee training costs by over 25 percent, and to drive two times faster employee ramp-up times.

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