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Builder.ai unveils Natasha – an AI Software Expert

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Natasha, Builder.ai’s AI-powered product manager, released in beta as part of Builder Studio 3.0, Builder.ai’s continuing effort to democratize software development. It is the first software product manager powered by artificial intelligence in the world, Natasha.

As a result, AI can now engage with customers, removing massive amounts of human variance from the journey from an idea in their brain to an app in their hands. A human-only process, the idea-to-spec journey, is the most variable phase, which eventually affects consistency and predictability, leading to those notorious stretches of timelines and costs with seemingly no end in sight.

Builder.ai Co-Founder and CEO, Sachin Dev Duggal, said, “Builder.ai’s mission has always been to be the connection between every great idea and a fully realized product, whilst giving our customers the utmost control over their future. We’ve launched the new Builder Studio 3.0 with the beta of Natasha to push the envelope of what we all thought was possible. Imagine a world where you can pick up the phone, speak to Natasha and three days later have your app in the AppStore; this is the future we are building towards.”

With Natasha’s talent and skills, software development would move from being a slow, repetitive, inconsistent, and expensive consultancy operation to being a smooth, predictable, consistent and repeatable one. All products are built from the same quality and through the same immaculate process. This beta version of the bot will appear both as a customer-facing agent (chatting with customers) and as a listening agent. She will automatically tag features and ask customer-facing teams questions based on the collective insights of all conversations in the beta.

Natasha can manage projects in real-time so that weeks of work are whittled down to hours and minutes, offering unparalleled transparency. Besides her ability to translate an idea into a set of features, she has the rationality to break projects into parallel streams for a faster build, to hire the best developers, and to set timelines. This could only be done manually before. It takes a conventional development shop anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to turn an idea into a specification document. It takes weeks for the product to emerge from dozens of meetings. Natasha, however, can do it all in an hour.

This new AI tool, Natasha, is powered by a range of artificial intelligence (AI) applications the company has built over the last two years, including natural language processing (NLP), feature and template suggestions, and forecasting statistical models. The Knowledge Graph from Builder.ai powers each of these features. Natasha’s most remarkable quality is her capacity to be suggestive. Every new conversation she has helps her become better at the one thing she loves – building software.

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