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Business Messaging Chatbots to Engage Shoppers with AiChat and Google

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A leader in conversational customer experience (CX) platform for retail in Southeast Asia, AiChat, has partnered with Google’s Business Messages. This partnership sets the stage for an exciting partnership between AiChat and the Business Messages ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

AiChat’s unified messaging platform helps brands improve customer service by routing inquiries to messaging conversations that can be managed by agents. The use of conversational commerce by top retailers such as MR.DIY has reduced costs and boosted sales.

According to AiChat’s CEO and co-founder, Kester Poh, “This is an important step in the new normal for physical retail locations. Providing on-demand chat features to customers is valuable in this new pace of life. It is a requirement for all businesses to adapt to consumers’ digital preferences and the changed state of the consumer journey. AiChat is primed to help retailers with this goal in a unified AI-powered messaging platform, now available as one of the first South East Asia companies to partner with Google Business Messages.”

Consumers can now make more informed decisions online because of this integration. With Google Click-to-Message ads (CTM), customers at multi-location retailers like MR.DIY can send and receive messages or chat with representatives. The option is also available through Google My Business listings on Google Maps.

Retailers can provide customers with the information they need quickly by enabling messaging in Google CTM ads and Google Maps. Businesses can set appointments over chat, update order statuses, and more without staff assistance. Conversational advertising can have positive impacts on customer satisfaction and performance in CTM campaigns.

Customers can use Google Maps chat directly to reach store associates who are located in the store. Customers can ask questions outside operating hours through automated smart message chatbots combined with FAQ directories.

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