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BuzzGuru Platform Introduces Instagram Analytics Tool

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Instagram analytics tool was introduced by BuzzGuru for discovering influencers on Instagram. With the introduction of the new tool, BuzzGuru has expanded its capabilities across four platforms- YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. The innovation has made BuzzGuru the largest influencer marketing platform with a database of over 25 million content creators.

BuzzGuru is a search engine and discovery tool for Instagram influencers and content creators. The BuzzGuru platform helps marketers research and reach out to relevant influencers faster. Searching can be done with the use of filters that help single out only the influencers that can be relevant for a particular purpose.

“Expanding BuzzGuru marketing intelligence with Instagram analytics is a natural next step of our current offering and our long-term vision,” said Pavel Beinia, CEO and Founder, BuzzGuru. “Digital influencers of all kinds drive the marketing world in 2022, so we know we need to embrace the most platforms possible, and Instagram was one of our priorities. Enriching our platform’s capabilities with Instagram search and analytics tool, we’re filling the gap for app and game developers that are the main customers now. And what’s more, we open up new horizons for e-commerce brands offering them an all-in-one influencer marketing discovery and competitive intelligence platform for their needs”.

Providing the most accurate and detailed statistics, including account quality, engagement rate, the average number of likes and comments, etc., analyses the growth and activity and also enables the advertisers to plan and strategize their campaign. Aggregate features of the audience are provided by analyzing the credibility of the audience.

“BuzzGuru unique positioning means that we take the responsibility to develop the most advanced technological solution to meet advertisers’ and agencies’ needs in three major pillars: data trust, granularity, and measurement. Instagram analytics tool incorporated in all-in-one influencer marketing discovery and competitive intelligence platform could be a huge step forward for ad campaigns management, revolutionizing how brands gain insights,” – explains Pavel Beinia.

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