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C3 AI Data Vision by C3AI Transforms Enterprise Software UX

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As part of its Enterprise AI strategy, C3 AI, a provider of AI-powered application software, has launched C3 AI Data Vision, a new solution that allows for collaborative investigation and analysis of both big and small data using interactive, intuitive graphs network visualizations.

C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel, said, “C3 AI Data Vision changes the game in enterprise AI. This represents a step function in intuitive user-interface design for enterprise application software. After three decades, we have finally moved beyond clunky tables and forms.”

A large amount of data can be found inside and outside enterprises, but enterprise software is inadequate at representing, analyzing, and providing insights from this data. As enterprises transform from static lists and forms to automated processes, their data failures are often not visible at every point in the workflow, leaving them completely inoperable

C3 AI Data Vision is an AI-driven product that enables enterprise software’s future. Using AI-powered visual and interactive workflows, C3 AI Data Vision provides advanced analytics on networks and temporal patterns. The C3 AI Data Vision solution helps organizations extract valuable insights from their data by integrating disparate data, machine learning (ML) models, and associated processes into graphic visualizations and analyses, which allows analysts to leverage enterprise AI to conduct deep investigations.

C3 AI Data Vision solution allows organizations to :

Visualize and understand data, application processes, ML models, and user personas in C3 AI Suite models easily.

Integrated graphical representation of time and space enabling more efficient analysis.

Automate investigations with a comprehensive metadata catalog and wayfinding system that locates supporting evidence using enterprise artificial intelligence.

Improve insight acquisition with flexible and scalable data ingest pipelines that process information in near real-time and provide users with alerts and collaborative workflows that provide access to the most recent insights.

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