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Calendly Launches Routing Forms for Enhancing Customer Experience

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A modern scheduling platform for high-performing teams and individuals, Calendly, recently announced the launch of its automation feature, Calendly Routing Forms. The new feature enables organizations to be more productive and make use of their websites or links to deliver a customer-centric scheduling experience. Organizations will be able to automate evaluating prospects and customer needs simply and efficiently using screening questions and routing logic before scheduling a meeting through a specific page that enhances customer experience (CX).

“We’re building for a digital-first, time-oriented workforce where first impressions begin with your website, and being responsive from the moment of engagement makes a difference. Calendly Routing Forms is a step towards providing the ultimate omnichannel scheduling experience as we give organizations a scalable automation solution that helps them better understand customers’ and prospects’ needs in a timely manner,” stated Annie Pearl, Chief Product Officer at Calendly.

There was an urgent need for organizations to reduce the friction at the first touchpoint as the working environment was becoming more hybrid. Calendly Routing Forms helps teams establish business relationships and engage with prospects faster by providing business value and efficiency through automated workflows.

Routing rules for various industries and for several other use cases can be designed simply using Calendly Routing Forms. Demonstrations can be quickly scheduled quickly by identifying the company’s industry, market size, and other requirements by arranging the relevant information obtained through the intake form. By asking a question regarding firm size, marketing teams can quickly lead qualified website visitors to the sales team. Customers with a technical or payment issue can be sent to a help center or directly to a support staff member’s Calendly booking page to discuss.

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