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CalypsoAI Releases VESPR- The Leading AI Security Tool

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CalypsoAI announced that they have launched a solution named VESPR, a leading secure end-to-end AI security tool that can be available for US national security. The new solution is developed with extremely important input from existing national security customers and born out of years of independently funded research into adversarial machine learning. VESPR will make sure that an enterprise is deploying secure, explainable, and compliant Machine Learning (ML) models.

According to Neil Serebryany, CEO of CalypsoAI, “VESPR is an exciting next step in bringing trusted and secure AI to our customers in the national security community and other highly regulated industries. CalypsoAI looks forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions, focused on ensuring that AI technology is deployed securely and transparently across enterprises.”

VESPR has advanced AI testing features along with a streamlined workflow to ensure that every machine learning algorithm put into production has been verified secure. The VESPR process includes testing, evaluation, verification, and validation throughout the machine learning lifecycle. It also provides unparalleled security and assurance to various AI systems from computer vision to natural language processing,

VESPR expands AI deployment because of its increased usage in the defense and intelligence communities to make important mission-oriented decisions. It gives operators confidence that their systems can hold out against an adversarial attack.

Early adopters of VESPR include the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Homeland Security. Tony DeMartino, Chair of CalypsoAI’s National Security Advisory Board, said, “CalypsoAI’s VESPR product is an important tool for deploying safe and trustworthy AI solutions across various critical mission sets. We look forward to scaling VESPR across the national security community to address the challenge of AI safety and security.”