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Canoe Intelligence and Exchangelodge to Scale Data Management for Portfolio Advisors

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To scale the document and data management process for private market investments, a combination of technologies by Canoe Intelligence and Exchangelodge has been chosen by Portfolio Advisors, a limited liability companies (LLC).

Portfolio Advisors has focused purely on private markets since its start in 1994. More than $30.6 billion in discretionary and non-discretionary assets have been managed by the firm. From its five global locations, it serves customers and institutional investors.

“The combination of Canoe Intelligence and Exchangelodge will enable our team to transition from data laborers to data managers with exceptional data extraction and validation capabilities,” said Steve Scolnik, CTO at Portfolio Advisors. By implementing this solution into our technology stack, we expect to continue innovating our approach to alternative investment management, free up time for additional data analysis and reporting, and deliver even better service to our clients.

The partnership between Canoe Intelligence and Exchangelodge has aided in increasing data accuracy and timeliness for portfolio advisors. Canoe will aid with the automated retrieval and classification of documents from a variety of sources, including investor and administrator portals and email. The extracted data and documents from Canoe will be consumed by Exchangelodge, which will intelligently identify, filter, analyze, and verify any data discrepancies or irregularities with its integrated application programming interface (API) integration. As a result, richer and more reliable data is supplied to other internal systems for analysis.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the team at Exchangelodge to design and deliver an automated and scalable data management solution for leading alternative investors like Portfolio Advisors,” said Mike Muniz, Chief Revenue Officer at Canoe Intelligence. “Like Canoe, Exchangelodge is an innovator transforming the industry. Their knowledge in enriching and validating private capital data is the perfect complement to our platform. We’re looking forward to implementing this combined solution at Portfolio Advisors and aiding the team in realizing new operational efficiencies. We think this is a gamechanger for the industry.

Canoe has amassed a fund master database of more than 14,000 funds across a wide range of asset types. Canoe can consume large amounts of complex documents and convert them into usable data because of its scalability.

“We’re proud to share our expertise in unifying data disconnections across investment managers, investors and service providers for clients like Portfolio Advisors,” said Ian Rubenstein, CEO at Exchangelodge. Working with the category leader in Canoe, we will eliminate the manual nature of managing the entirety of the private markets document and data workflow. We’re excited to empower the Portfolio Advisors team with the technology to consistently and sustainably support their firm’s growth.

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