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Capacity Enhances Conversational AI in SMS by Acquiring Textel

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Capacity, a provider of conversational AI solutions, announced today that it has acquired Textel, a company specializing in SMS-based conversational AI. The acquisition will allow businesses to easily integrate conversational AI capabilities into their SMS communication channels, providing customers with more efficient and personalized interactions. 

 Textel\’s technology enables businesses to automate and optimize SMS conversations with customers, allowing them to handle high volumes of inquiries, provide automated responses, and route conversations to the appropriate agent. This technology will complement Capacity\’s existing conversational AI capabilities, which include natural language understanding, machine learning (ML), and dialogue management. 

 David Karandish, Capacity co-founder and CEO added, “Capacity eliminates repetitive tasks by streamlining support via web, mobile, email and internal chat. Still, we needed to incorporate a missing element to the equation: SMS. Adding Textel’s deep expertise in SMS messaging will allow us to enrich our current offering and give teams even more time back in their days to complete their best work.” 

 The acquisition will also enable Capacity to expand its reach in the SMS conversational AI market, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. With the addition of Textel\’s technology and team, Capacity will be well-positioned to help businesses of all sizes take advantage of the growing trend towards conversational AI in SMS communication. 


“The Textel team has made incredible strides in forming partnerships with the industry’s top CCaaS, UCaaS and POS platform creators and tailoring our platform to perform at the highest level, not only for small businesses but also for household name brands at the national and global level. Our partner-centric approach creates an ‘easy button’ for our newly combined team to drive value for our partners and help any organization that wants to keep its internal teams focused,” stated James Diel, Textel co-founder and CEO. 

 Capacity plans to integrate Textel\’s technology into its existing conversational AI platform, making it available to its customers in the coming months. The details regarding the deals are kept confidential. Overall, the acquisition of Textel by Capacity is a positive move for businesses looking to improve their SMS conversational AI capabilities. With the addition of Textel\’s technology, businesses will be able to provide customers with more efficient, personalized interactions, which will ultimately result in improved customer satisfaction and retention. 

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