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Capacity Introduces New AI-powered Support Automation Platform

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An AI-powered support automation platform, Capacity, announces its expansion into support automation with a unified artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps teams do their best work with just one tech stack.

Michael Hunigan, VP of Product at Capacity, said, “The objective of support automation is to decrease the requirement for human interaction in terms of responding to repetitive consumer inquiries or managing routine business operations. By utilizing Capacity, teams are empowered to focus on human-centric tasks that require higher-level thinking.”

The productivity of today’s teams is hampered by repetitive work and questions. An analysis of how employees use their time in the workplace found that only 60% of their time is productive. In one cohesive solution, Capacity offers everything employees need for automating support and business processes. With Capacity’s no-code/low-code platform, which is enabled by conversational AI, users can manage tasks intuitively and seamlessly via powerful workflow automation, a robust development platform, and a flexible database that can be deployed anywhere.

The AI-enabled platform of Capacity enables teams worldwide to:

  • Answer more than 90% of FAQs with a single help desk and decrease support tickets.
  •  Automate monotonous tasks and increase productivity across multiple teams with low-code workflows.
  • Create solutions to improve employee access to information with a user-friendly knowledge base, app integrations, and conversational interface.

Capacity’s CEO, David Karnadish, said, “Capacity was founded with a simple mission: help teams do their best work. We spend half of our waking hours at work, yet most of our time is wasted looking for information we should already have. With Capacity’s support automation platform, teams can work more efficiently knowing the information they need is readily available whenever they need it. By ensuring a company’s intelligence, apps, documents, and knowledge are easily accessible in one platform instead of scattered across multiple point solutions, we’re fulfilling our mission by bringing meaningful improvements to the employee and customer experience.”

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