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Cardiologs Announces New Solution to Enable Remote Patient Monitoring with Smartwatches

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A global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) based cardiology diagnostics, Cardiologs, announced the launch of Cardiologs RPM, an innovative new tool that can monitor cardiac health remotely, using smartwatches. A new platform from Cardiologs takes its ECG analysis to a new level of patient care, going beyond the world of arrhythmias, which is Cardiologs’ first venture in remote patient monitoring.

Yann Fleureau, Cardiologs’ Co-Founder and CEO, said, “The unstructured and decentralized flow of clinical information is limiting smartwatches from making their way into clinical practice at scale. Our platform will address these challenges by automating and streamlining the data-sharing and data-reviewing process. The Cardiologs RPM Platform will prioritize the data and information that needs the most attention, provide physicians with an efficient workflow to review ECG strips, and implement a billing mechanism to monetize time spent on analysis.”

There are now more smartwatches that can collect an ECG, and older adults are increasingly considering them for monitoring their health in a variety of ways. With devices like the Apple Watch, patients can detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) and better understand their symptoms. A recent study with Cardiologs AI revealed how ECG data collected with smartwatches can also be used to monitor QT-prolongation, a life-threatening heart rhythm disorder associated with hundreds of commonly used drugs.

Among the features of Cardiologs RPM are:

  • An ECG data transfer app for patients with secure, seamless, and automatic ECG data transmission and patient engagement optimization.
  • It allows physicians to centralize and triage patient data by clinical relevance, as well as streamline the review of ECGs.

With the platform, physicians will be able to use precision medicine in cardiac practices – by understanding what treatments work and when to escalate treatment plans or adjust the dosage. Patients will now be able to work closely with their doctors to pinpoint the most effective treatment options, revolutionizing cardiac care.

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