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CDP Vendors Upgrade their Omnichannel Orchestration and Activation


Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendors are now upgrading their services to support emerging channels for omnichannel orchestration and activation.

Immense amount of data is produced when customers utilize a variety of devices across several online and offline channels. CX professionals and marketers face the challenge in consolidating all data together and utilizing this data to deliver exceptional customer experience across each touchpoint. To address all the sophisticated customer expectations in a multi-channel universe, marketers need to switch from marketing campaigns from the ‘convert’ method to the ‘engage, convert & reserve customers’ method. Presently, vendors are enhancing their CDP capabilities to support emerging channels to engage and communicate seamlessly with customers across their journey. Marketers and CX professionals are prioritizing channels that are critical to customers in their journey, helping them to drive persistent engagement and marketing effectiveness. They are progressing from rule-based approach to dynamic, content-driven approach to execute marketing campaigns efficiently.

CDP Omnichannel

On the contrary, vendors are elevating their CDP functionalities to eliminate fragmented conversations. They are emphasizing heavily on customer engagement premised on specific triggered events, occurring at decisive moments in the customer lifecycle across all channels. Intricate customer engagement across a series of channels, devices, and platforms obligates vendors to prioritize for experience optimization. Vendor needs to possess high level significance towards customer centric multichannel approach comprising potency, competency and relevancy. Major vendors are focusing on testing and optimizing emerging channels, offers and campaign combinations to determine ideal offers and recommendations, resulting into conversion. As CDP nowadays are equipped with analytics capabilities, it is giving more visibility to the ways in which customers engage diversely with campaigns across channels. Subsequently, campaigns are not captivated by just channels, as KPI’s are surpassing conventional channel specific metrics.

The complicated omnichannel sphere draws new, relevant and irrelevant KPI’s that marketers should understand to gain comprehensive visibility of campaign execution in terms of not just conversion but retained engagement. B2B and B2C businesses are progressively approaching a number of channels and making greater use of smartphones. Among messaging, social media, browsing, email or apps, mobile phones are gaining tremendous traction, an entry point for marketers to perform multichannel marketing. Vendors need to strive on various methods to engage customers on smartphones as it may have their own challenges. They must incorporate new contextual data such as location, weather etc. in real-time to leverage genuine engagement opportunities proposed by smartphones.