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Cellwize Launches Hybrid SMO “CHIME” for Mobile Operators

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Mobile network automation and orchestration leader, Cellwize Wireless Technologies Inc. has announced the launch of its hybrid service management orchestration (SMO) solution. By including ORAN (Open Radio Access Network) features into their networks, mobile network operators (MNOs) can manage and operate in hybrid ORAN areas.

The transition to ORAN is a progressive process that will involve greater virtualized RAN (Radio Access Network) capabilities as well as the gradual introduction of ORAN features. MNOs may streamline this transition using the CHIME-Hybrid solution, which is backward and forward compatible.

“Our CHIME hybrid solution was born out of necessity,” explained Ofir Zemer, CEO, Cellwize. “We observed that MNOs were struggling to move to full Open RAN networks and were confused about how to start the transition. Cellwize is proud to offer this solution that enables clients to gradually make the move to Open RAN at the right pace for them. Mobile operators can now benefit from both vRAN and ORAN capabilities until the entire RAN network will be open, which is still far in the future.”

MNOs may access a vast ecosystem of strategic partners with CHIME-Hybrid, including data-driven decision-makers via artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enhanced automation, programmability, OPEX (Operating Expense) reduction, and advanced use cases like network slicing. Self-development for non-RT RIC features is included, as well as backward and forward compatibility and SMO capabilities. As a result, it enables mobile operators to start small and gradually expand their ORAN infrastructure while reaping the benefits of lower OPEX, open innovation, and a vendor ecosystem. The solution supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, and it makes use of Intel’s FlexRAN software and AI capabilities to allow quicker vRAN deployment and new services via open interfaces.

“It is essential to partner across the ecosystem to strengthen virtualized Open RAN networks and bolster collaboration among partners,” said Cristina Rodriguez, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Access Network Division at Intel. “The combination of our FlexRAN software and Cellwize’s CHIME-Hybrid solution provides operators an agile platform for deployment of new services, as well as efficient control and operation of the end-to-end network.”

“When it comes to RAN transformation, we must meet service providers where they are and design solutions that move them forward without disrupting business operations and overhauling network design,” said Stephen Spellicy, Vice President of Product Marketing and Business Development, Service Provider & Edge, VMware. “VMware and Cellwize are working together to deliver solutions that automate RAN configuration, optimization and remediation. This will help bring the benefits of intelligence and assurance to service providers no matter where they are in their RAN transformation.”

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