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Celonis Acquires Process Analytics Factory

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Celonis, a data process mining software firm, has completed the acquisition of its market rival Process Analytics Factory for an undisclosed amount. The deal will enable millions of Microsoft Corp.’s Power Platform users to use its Execution Management System and improve the efficiency of their operations. Celonis’ process mining platform Execution Management System assists businesses in identifying possibilities to simplify their processes.

Celonis acquired Process Analytics Factory as part of its ambition to enable firms of all sizes and sectors to employ process mining within the Celonis EMS to uncover and repair process inefficiencies. Celonis is dedicated to enabling users of the industry’s leading automation, collaboration, and workflow platforms to operate their organizations more efficiently by leveraging Celonis’ unique process insights and intelligent, targeted actions.

“Since we started 11 years ago, the Celonis mission has always been the same, to help our customers reach the full potential of their business performance by removing process inefficiencies, and that requires Celonis to be everywhere. The PAF acquisition enables the millions of users of the Microsoft Power Platform to use Celonis’ unique data and intelligent insights to power analytics, automation, and collaboration,” stated, Celonis Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Alex Rinke.

The Celonis platform can identify if a shop is buying more of a certain product than it can sell in a specific period of time. By scanning invoices, sales logs, and other company documents, the platform detects such problems. Helping online merchants improve inefficiencies in their delivery networks is another example of a use case. Celonis platform provides the solution for organizations for solving their business problems. It accomplishes this mostly by utilizing artificial intelligence to advise modifications and build simulations of alternative business processes.

Process Analytics factory majorly focuses on laser-focused software for Microsoft users and is completely integrated with tools like Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office 365. They provide services for firms in process of analysis, visualization, and optimization processes.

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