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CertiK partners up with KuCoin Community Chain

CertiK partners up with KuCoin Community Chain
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CertiK, the premier global Web3, blockchain, and smart contract security company has recently announced a collaboration with KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) a high performance decentralized public chain which provides community users with faster, convenient and low cost exchange of value.

As a leader in blockchain security, CertiK uses top-tier AI technology and professional manual inspection to safeguard and keep an eye on smart contracts and blockchain protocols. By integrating cutting-edge ideas from academia to business, CertiK protects the Web3 environment and enables mission-critical applications to expand safely and correctly. Established in 2018 by Yale University and Columbia University professors, CertiK is a top ranking platform for security that analyses and keeps track of blockchain protocols and DeFi initiatives.

KuCoin Community Chain a decentralised public blockchain with outstanding performance and EVM compatibility is . The community benefits from performance, faster, more convenient transactions, and a low-cost experience thanks to its innovative solution to the blockchain trilemma. Using the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus process, KCC is able to create a blockchain protocol that is more effective, safe, and robust.

The end-to-end strategy used by CertiK to safeguard the Web3 world covers products and solutions for both on and off platform security. Its a defense-in-depth strategy is used by the company, which combines automated, AI-powered verification with expert manual review to reduce and guard against the very real hazards that are present in the Web3 environment. By simplifying the onboarding procedure for new applications built on KCC, this cooperation gives founders, users, and investors the assurance that comes from incorporating secure development standards into the ecosystem’s fundamentals. CertiK-audited projects have gone on to play crucial roles in shaping the future of Web3 with a huge secured market capitalization across more than a dozen blockchains. This promising decentralized network utilizes the knowledge it has acquired from evaluating more than 3,700 Web3 projects.

“We’re excited to be working closely with KuCoin Community Chain to raise the standard of security and transparency in this new blockchain ecosystem,” said Jason Jiang, Chief Business Officer from CertiK. “KCC is protecting its builders, its users, and its future by integrating secure practices into the very foundations of its blockchain.”

Leandre Niu, CTO of KuCoin Community Chain stated, “This security partnership with CertiK is a major step forward for the KuCoin Community Chain ecosystem and Web3 more broadly. We’re excited to be bringing CertiK’s Security Suite to our blockchain, which will raise the standard of security and transparency for all users and builders on KCC.”

The partnership will benefit the KCC ecosystem, and the larger Web3 community for projects developed on the fast and secure chain, . As the KCC ecosystem expands, thsi alliance sets the bar for security and transparency.

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