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Chameleon BI Launches Data Storage and Analytics Solution

Chameleon BI Launches Data Storage and Analytics Solution
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Chameleon BI announced the launch of its data storage and analytics solution to assist organizations in driving business objectives by offering them direct insight into their data. Chameleon BI offers a platform that makes it simpler to access all user data, enables smarter decision-making, and empowers staffing organizations to develop more quickly and efficiently.

All businesses are being affected by big data, and the staffing sector is no exception. Utilizing the power of data is crucial as we potentially enter an economic downturn. According to Gartner, how effectively data is managed and how rapidly organizations can adapt to change are now key factors in economic success.

Numerous staffing companies invest countless hours in the analysis of data from numerous systems, including ATS, CRM, back-office, finance, marketing, etc., in order to provide accurate reports that can be used to efficiently run the company and oversee employees’ output. Chameleon BI currently provides a way to connect all data sources, develops informative dashboards and reports, and gives firms complete access to their data as well as a clear dashboard of KPIs for managing and expanding their operations.

By monitoring recruitment parameters like the time taken to fill a position, interview to hiring ratio, application drop-off rate, candidate net promoter score, cost to fill, and many more, staffing firms can assist their employees in working more productively and efficiently. These kinds of recruitment indicators are essential for assessing the recruitment process’s health and performance and for deciding how recruiters can spend their time to enhance productivity.

“Intuition has always been important in growing a business. But with Chameleon BI, you don’t have to rely on your gut – You can make confident business decisions at every level of your organization based on data you can trust”, said Chameleon BI founder and CEO Melissa Acton-Buzard.

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