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An Era of Change in Customer Communication Management

CCM, Customer Experience, Strategic Planning, AI

With constantly evolving customer’s expectations and communication technology; businesses are struggling to retain existing customers and acquire new customers. Thus, it is quintessential to talk about Customer Communication Management.

Back in older times, customer communication was limited to just customer acquisition, but things have now changed. Communication technology businesses have started realizing the importance of customer engagement and nurturing the relationship throughout the journey. This has led to an expeditious revolution and funding in customer experience and communication.

Customer engagement is not one man’s job, but a collaborative effort of all the departments and verticals of an organization. Customers are connected with the organization through e-mail, SMS, web sites, social media, etc. Considering the divergent needs and difference in preferred medium of communication for each consumer, personalization of communication and the medium through which it is carried out has become a dire necessity. The personalization of communication helps customer enhance their experience and establish brand loyalty. To simplify the communication process for organizations, Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform centralizes outbound communication which ensures better, consistent, and personalized delivery.

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms have helped CCM to ensure a constant learning curve and dynamically changing the customer experience with the time. With communication floating around all platforms, customer’s perception is getting deviated within a fraction of second. CCM helps to analyze the trend and learn with each activity of the individual so that it can target, segment, and position them accordingly for ensuring better and personalized experience.

The market is flooded with numerous options that can cater to business individuals need and spending capacity. They offer on-demand, batch, and interactive, cloud like features to meet the expectations. CCM has become a part of the strategic planning for organization, as any decision made on it will impact the organization for a longer period of time.