Business contact and intelligence platform, ZoomInfo, recently announced that it has acquired, enabling its users to gain insights from customer calls, meetings, and emails for better buyer-seller interactions.

Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo Founder, and CEO said in a statement, “The acquisition of will accelerate our vision to deliver a modern GTM platform that brings together best-in-class intelligence with comprehensive data management, workflow, and engagement software, empowering companies to effectively execute their revenue-generating strategies. With the largest conversation intelligence patent portfolio in the industry, Chorus will advance each aspect of our vision by surfacing a new category of insights, illuminating new workflows, and enabling more targeted engagement at scale.”

ZoomInfo intends to combine’s conversational intelligence data with its existing contact information to create a new category within its database that will provide actionable insight into the buyer’s journey through its new category. Using this feature, ZoomInfo users can build buyer audiences and set up buyer alerts to improve internal processes.

With this new category, ZoomInfo users will be able to use the data insights to inform their go-to-market strategies, enabling sales reps to better address buyer needs to improve customer engagement. Using’s machine learning (ML) capability, users can also identify repeatable conversion steps based on past interactions with buyers.

Previously, ZoomInfo partnered with LeanData to integrate lead-to-account matching to enhance its lead routing and database quality. This acquisition continues this integration. ZoomInfo users will benefit from the addition of conversational data so they can route leads more precisely while determining relevant contact information for faster, more targeted engagement.