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Clarifai Unveils Clarifai Community – AI Community For Developers

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Clarifai, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform for unstructured images, videos, and audio, has launched Clarifai Community, the world’s first AI community.

This open-source, AI-focused community is for people who create and implement AI. Users can develop and share AI resources within their companies or organizations, or even collaborate with the public. A variety of AI applications and use cases can be implemented with the help of these capabilities.

Alfredo Ramos, SVP of Platform at Clarifai, said, “Clarifai’s AI Lake houses all of the AI resources of an enterprise within one ecosystem and provides tools for teams to share these across the organization effortlessly. Within the AI Lake are AI Apps, which modularize the deployment of models and resources, making them reusable with fine-grained access control.”

Clarifai’s community fosters collaboration between AI communities by sharing AI assets. An efficient channel for distributing AI, it assembles resources from around the world in one place including inputs, ideas, annotations, datasets, models, and workflows.

Yuchen Fama, Director of Product at Clarifai, said, “We are fundamentally redefining how AI gets distributed. We are making the best AI available to everyone and letting people contribute their own work to the public at large. Clarifai is becoming a meeting place for developers, researchers, data scientists, and business operators looking to solve valuable problems with technology.”

Clarifai Community is a platform where developers and business operators can discover and use AI assets seamlessly to build robust applications. The platform enables users to collaborate with anyone on the globe with ease and speed, and to make their AI assets public.
With the launch of Community, Clarifai also introduces a new product category: the AI Lake.

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