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Claro Enterprise Solutions Releases RTLS+ Solutions

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A global technology solutions company, Claro Enterprise Solutions, introduced a suite of IoT-enabled real-time location solutions, RTLS+, for identifying, analyzing, and monitoring assets and equipment.
Through the application of technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), video analytics, location tracking, identification, and network technologies, RTLS+ enables detailed monitoring of a wide range of business assets, operations, and activities. Customer care is available 24×7, comprehensive alert and notification services are offered, and ruggedized components are utilized to enhance functionality.

Mark Popolano, Managing Director of Business Innovation at Claro Enterprise Solutions, said, “Solving specific business problems is critical to the effective deployment of Internet of Things initiatives. RTLS+ identifies different types of assets, as well as closely tracks the location and movement of those assets. Those foundational capabilities have a wide range of applications that improve efficiency and enhance safety, compliance, and customer experiences.”

The RTLS+ platform is developed to help commercial, healthcare, and industrial facilities. In hospitals, RTLS+ uses smart video analytics, geo-fencing, and beacons to detect and track medical devices, such as ventilators or MRI machines, throughout the facility.

RTLS+ is also capable of locating assets in motion, tracking stationary assets, and collecting data on maintenance and asset utilization. Smart video analytics can provide a competitive advantage by using AI and ML. This type of solution can be easily deployed and is designed to integrate with hospitals’ existing video equipment without disrupting their networks.

Auto dealers can use RTLS+ to manage large inventories of vehicles, monitor after-hours activity, and identify key customers by scanning license plates. Retailers can use smart cameras to improve security, while heat maps can reveal customer behavior inside a store. Foot traffic patterns might be observed over time, which could allow sellers to gauge buyer interest. For example, RTLS+ can provide the fast, accurate, and efficient location of forklifts in large warehouses and airports through facial recognition.

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