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Clearview AI Introduces Clearview Consent – First Consent-based Commercial Product

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Clearview AI, a premier facial recognition technology business, has announced the release of Clearview Consent, its first consent-based product designed to perform a variety of identity verification duties for commercial enterprises utilizing the company’s superior FRT algorithm.

Hoan Ton-That, Clearview AI’s CEO said, “The launch of Clearview Consent is a gamechanger – for companies and consumers alike – who value the integrity and security of their identity and assets. Facial recognition is not the wave of the future; it is our present reality. Today, FRT is used to unlock your phone, verify your identity, board an airplane, access a building, and even for payments. Now, we are offering companies who use facial recognition as part of a consent-based workflow access to Clearview AI’s superior, industry leading FRT algorithm, bringing an increased level of security and protection to the marketplace.”

Ton-That added, “The launch of Clearview Consent helps further our mission to help combat crime and fraud. We are currently helping law enforcement agencies across the country to solve crimes after the fact, which harm many victims. Using facial recognition as a preventative measure means fewer crimes and fewer victims. Ultimately, Clearview Consent is all about making everyday consumers feel more secure in a world that is rife with crime and fraud.”

Clearview Consent will provide enterprises with Clearview AI’s cutting-edge, globally acclaimed, highly accurate, and bias-free facial recognition technology (FRT) for use in consent-based corporate workflows. It will be sold as a licensed product, independent from the company’s 20+ billion facial image database, which is the largest of its kind in the world. This means that private businesses will be able to access Clearview AI’s industry-leading FRT platform, which is driven by the most accurate and bias-free algorithm in the United States and Western Europe. Clearview Consent is intended for use in consent-based workflows and excludes the Clearview AI database, which is reserved for government use only.

Clearview Consent is accessible as a cloud service, with pricing that is less expensive than competing FRT providers like Amazon Rekognition and Microsoft Azure while giving far better performance and accuracy. On-premises deployments of Clearview Consent are also available, enabling enterprises of all sizes. Clearview AI’s extremely accurate bias-free algorithm can be used as part of any corporate consent-based workflow thanks to the product’s developer API. For example, with the approval of the consumer, the technology can be used to validate an ID before account formation, safeguard a customer from fraud prior to a big financial transaction, and check a passenger into an airline.


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