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Clickatell Releases Combined Chat Desk and Chat Flow Solution

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A leader in mobile communication and chat commerce, Clickatell, announced the release of its Chat Desk and Chat Flow solutions to transform the customer experience (CX) in contact centers via chat. This combined solution will deliver a lower cost per resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Clickatell, commented, “Chat Desk and Chat Flow working together or separately make it easy for brands to meet consumers where they are consistent – on chat apps – enhancing the customer experience while reducing the friction associated with contact center customer service. A number one reason consumers leave brands and abandon payments is due to bad and frustrating customer experience. Adding chat apps as a channel in contact centers makes brands easily reachable and prevents frustration. Added to this, chat increases customer engagement, creating an opportunity to up and cross-sell to customers, turning a cost center into a profit center.”

Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Trends Report stated that most US consumers have used the chat to talk to businesses with younger consumers and viewed chat as a go-to preferred communication channel. Chat is itself is an innovative technology that is leading growth in customer service and chat commerce.

Clickatell merges the power of Chat Desk, a live-agent digital contact center solution, with Chat Flow, a chat commerce workflow builder to provide automated chat with drag-and-drop, no-code, functionality. Through this combined solution, consumers can directly connect with brands via Chat Flow automated chat or an unassisted chat. If they need any extra support then they can switch to a live agent or assisted chat, with the help of the Chat Desk.

Cerika Henning, Business Development Executive at Company Partners, stated, “Clickatell’s Chat Commerce takes the wait, the frustration, and inconvenience out of the customer service experience for our clients. Our customers are reassured quickly and conveniently that their inquiries will be taken care of through chat. Adding the chat channel as a method to engage with our consultants has been extremely effective and a great way to build trust with our customers.”

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