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Cloud Data Platform Snowflake Partners with Pyramart

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Snowflake, a leading cloud-based data platform, has partnered with Pyramart LLC, a leading Artificial Intelligence Data Warehouse (AIDW). This partnership allows Pyramart LLC to host and manage data warehouses more efficiently using AI.

Dan Bruns, the founder of Pyramart, stated, “Pyramart and Snowflake are like peanut butter and jelly. Snowflake’s data platform provides the solid database backend in the cloud that excels at running queries very quickly and at scale, and Pyramart takes care of the data warehouse architecture and maintenance bits: Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimensions, Facts, Star Schemas, Sentiment Analysis, 360-degree perspectives, and much more, built automatically using data warehousing best practices.”

He further explains, “When people ask us how Pyramart is different from other tools out there, we provide the following illustration: Imagine your data warehouse is a painting. Using other data tools, you start with a blank canvas. If you’re already a master painter, great! You can paint your own painting and take however long you’d like. But the rest of us aren’t master painters. We need the painting to look beautiful but be painted fast. In that regard, Pyramart’s robots are like having your own, personal, Bob Ross, waiting for you to tell them what kind of picture you would like to see painted, and then they’ll paint it for you very quickly. And on Snowflake, that happens even faster!”

Pyramart and Snowflake complement each other in this partnership, which will be beneficial for both organizations. Using Pyramart, building and maintaining a data warehouse is completely automated, while Snowflake’s powerful data platform as a service allows users to instantly access data warehouses that Pyramart manages for them.

Pyramart is only one of Snowflake’s existing tools that can be used with data, and it’s sometimes hard for potential customers to figure out what the differences are. Along with Snowflake, Pyramart creates its data warehouses within SQL Server (onsite or in Azure), Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, BIG DATA platforms (Hive or Impala), or Azure Synapse Analytics. Pyramart constantly innovates to keep up with the latest trends in automating data warehousing in order to provide the best solution.

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