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Cloud-Native 5G Assurance on AWS From RADCOM

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RADCOM – recently announced the release of RADCOM ACE on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide operators with real-time subscriber analytics and advanced troubleshooting capabilities as they deploy 5G, IoT, and edge services, as well as those running 4G and VoLTE networks. RADCOM ACE enhances the Mobile Wireless Customer Experience (CX) and ensures service quality in a public cloud environment. The integration of RADCOM ACE with AWS allows operators to deploy a cloud-native, automated service assurance platform through AWS while reducing time to market and scaling efficiently.

Hilik Itman, RADCOM’s Chief Operating Officer, said – “We’re excited to be working with Amazon to provide telecom operators a fully integrated, cloud-native service assurance solution for deploying and optimizing 5G, 4G and VoLTE services on the AWS cloud and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) for on-premises implementations. Telecom operators will be able to use AWS Cloud, and Amazon Managed Kubernetes Services along with RADCOM ACE to simplify 5G rollouts and smartly manage network services more automatically.”

RADCOM ACE system offers end-to-end network coverage, dynamic slice management, and AI-based anomaly detection algorithms for inspecting and resolving network degradations rapidly. As a result, RADCOM believes its solution can assist operators in deploying 5G standalone networks that will overcome the difficulties involved. RADCOM ACE is a cloud-native function on Amazon’s cloud, featuring a microservices-based architecture and deployed, scaled, and managed through Amazon EKS.

As a container-based orchestration system controlled by Amazon EKS, it provides operators a closed-loop automated method for providing assurance for large-scale networks, enabling operators to deliver improved customer experiences, as well as save operational costs by using minimal data center resources.

RADCOM ACE makes use of patented load balancing and packet brokering technology for cloud computing, containerized probing for capturing and processing network packets, and streaming analytics for capturing and processing network events. RADCOM ACE combines innovative cloud-native technologies with advanced 5G capabilities, AI, and Machine Learning (ML) technologies for operators to deliver and optimize 5G services on AWS cloud and Amazon EKS for on-premises deployments.

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