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CloudOffix Expands Partnership with ITsys

CloudOffix Expands Partnership with ITsys
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CloudOffix, a leading provider of cloud-based customer relationship management software, recently expanded partnership with ITsys, a leading IT company in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. ITsys offers digital transformation consultancy services for numerous businesses in a variety of industries, including health, real estate and construction, and transportation.

The all-in-one customer experience (CX) platform, CloudOffix, combines sales, marketing, e-commerce, project management, help desk, invoicing, and even human resources into a single customizable platform. Customers of CloudOffix do not need to use different point apps to meet their demands in accordance with the CX Strategy. It offers five distinctive features including natively connected applications, a true 360-degree view of consumers, low-code development, context-based collaboration, and a concurrent licencing model given with named licencing.

“CloudOffix is growing very fast, and our partners play a critical role in this growth. We have an excellent onboarding process for our partners, and in this way, they are quickly adopting to the process and start positioning CloudOffix successfully in their local markets. We are happy to come across ITSYS, and we believe we will make very successful projects together”, said Gökhan Erdoğdu, CEO, CloudOffix.

By bringing together sales, marketing, project, helpdesk, e-commerce, invoicing, and HR in a natively integrated, highly customizable, and collaborative environment, CloudOffix binds all teams around customers. It saves time by allowing teams to utilize a single platform for everyday tasks instead of switching between CRM, email marketing, project management, and other tools.

Dr. Khaled Shams, General Manager at ITsys, said, “We oversee a lot of potential working with CloudOffix. We believe that CloudOffix has many features, capabilities, and unique pricing that outperform its competitors.”

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