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Coalesce To Redesign Data Transformation With Its Data Transformation Platform

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The data transformation platform is to be launched by the data transformation company Coalesce. The platform can help in increasing the productivity of data engineers by providing data transformations at an enterprise scale. About $5.92 million was raised by Coalesce with aim of transforming the data transformation industry.

“The largest bottleneck in the data analytics supply chain today is transformations. As more companies move to the cloud, the weaknesses in their data transformation layer are becoming apparent,” said Armon Petrossian, CEO, and co-founder of Coalesce. “Data teams are struggling to keep up with the demands from the business, and this problem has only continued to grow with the volumes and complexity of data combined with the shortage of skilled people. We are on a mission to radically improve the analytics landscape by making enterprise-scale data transformations as efficient and flexible as possible.”

Coalesce: New Age Of Data Transformation

The combination of speed in an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the flexibility code, and automation efficiency in data transformation makes the platform different from all others. The unique features like:

  • Efficiency – provides increased data efficiency
  • Visually Customisable Platform – Customisable interface helps the users in the data processing.
  • Built for scale – The unique architecture offers a never-before-possible interface, change management, lineage, and strategy.

“Built from a team with deep data automation knowledge and expertise, Coalesce is solving the most pressing challenges that come with maintaining and transforming large enterprise data warehouses,” said Shelley Zhuang, founding partner of 11.2 Capital. “Our investment is a testament to the intuitive nature of the Coalesce Data Transformation platform.”

“Since the early days of data warehousing, companies have struggled to transform and optimize data properly for consumption. With the enormous growth of the cloud, that challenge has only increased,” said Ray Lane, managing partner of GreatPoint Ventures and former president & COO of Oracle. “We see the value of Coalesce’s technology as an inevitable catalyst to support the scalability and governance needed for cloud computing.”

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