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Cogitativo Launches Visión – A Machine Learning Tool

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Cogitativo introduced a groundbreaking machine learning (ML) platform, Visión, which helps predict and prevent acute medical events for people with chronic illnesses and tracks disease progression for high-risk individuals.

Gary Velasquez, CEO of Cogitativo, said, “Millions of Americans have gone without critical screenings and treatment for 18 months, creating a deferred care crisis that requires immediate and proven solutions to support those in need. We believe Visión will play a vital role in preventing acute medical events for vulnerable individuals and enabling health care organizations to mitigate many of the challenges that are on the horizon.”

The Visión platform combines machine learning techniques with clinical treatment guidelines to detect and flag gaps in individual patient care that may result in negative outcomes. This can contribute to the development of targeted clinical interventions that enhance the outcomes of vulnerable populations, including those who have delayed treatment during the pandemic.

Cogitativo ‘s new solution comes at a time when healthcare payers and providers are reporting a rise in the number of patients who needed medical attention during the pandemic, including those with chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and HIV. The virus’s proliferation as well as increases in appointments, screenings, and treatment are also causing many providers to struggle to manage patient visits.

The Visión platform analyzes patient health records through peer-reviewed literature on disease progression, social determinants of health, climate change, and other relevant data sources to predict elevated risks for acute clinical events. Healthcare payors and providers will be able to identify members who will need more medical attention soon with these temporal-based predictions. The information will also enable health care payors and providers to proactively reach out and render prophylactic care to at-risk beneficiaries, as well as provide individualized recommendations for preventive care.

Health care leaders and public health officials used a version of Cogitativo’s new machine learning platform during the flu pandemic. Blue Shield of California used it during the mobile vaccination campaign in the City of Compton, California, and to analyze the upcoming presidential election as part of its service to vulnerable beneficiaries.

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