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Commvault Expands Strategic Partnership with Oracle

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Commvault, a provider of data protection and information management solutions, has expanded its partnership with a leading cloud technology company, Oracle, to include Metallic DMaaS on Oracle cloud. This collaboration will prompt the delivery of Metallic Data Management as a service.

Following this integration, Metallic’s services will be made available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and in all commercial OCI regions worldwide as part of Commvault’s multi-cloud strategy. For enterprise customers wishing to hasten their OCI transition, Metallic and OCI will offer superior price-performance, built-in enhanced security, and streamlined recovery and management. It will also help Oracle customers in protecting important data assets in the cloud or on premise by ensuring flexibility across customer-controlled storage or SaaS-delivered data protection service, inclusive of managed cloud storage.

Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said, “We are excited to partner with Commvault and enable our customers to restore and recover their most mission-critical cloud data.”

Metallic DMaaS will support the protection of data against corruption, unauthorized access, and other threats across critical business sectors, such as insurance, financial services, manufacturing, and defense, and ensure protection against ransomware and cyberattacks. It will allow customers to quickly backup their digital footprint in any consumption model, including cloud-native and on-premises workloads, including databases, virtual machines, Kubernetes, file and object storage, and workloads running on databases and virtual machines.

As a part of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Commvault will promote and market Metallic DMaaS with Oracle in a partnership that will hasten Metallic’s ambitions to expand internationally.

Vinny Choinski, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, commented, “The combination of Metallic DMaaS and OCI is a big win for customers looking for data mobility, agility, and security as they link on-premises Oracle solutions to OCI and evolve their data management capabilities.”


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