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Consumer Fusion Launches N.E.W AI Reputation Management Tool

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Consumer Fusion, Inc.®, a leading firm that specializes in online reputation management, has launched its Negative Evaluation WidgetN.E.Wartificial intelligence (AI) Reputation Management Tool, which assists businesses in identifying illegitimate reviews and predicting the likelihood they can be removed.

Brigitte Rubidoux, Director of Marketing and Product for Consumer Fusion, said, “We’re thrilled to present this exciting new feature representing the future of reputation management. The tool will play a critical role internally and for our clients, as we continue to help them manage their online presence by maintaining honest reviews. We’ve been able to produce a tool with a high accuracy rate and we continue to train our system with more data to raise its capabilities.”

Rubidoux added, “In the near future, we will be adding the new tool to our backend for our team to utilize during their dispute process. The next step will be adding the tool to our real-time review tab so that clients may see the percentage probability of a negative review being removed.”

Consumer Fusion trained its deep learning model with years of CRM data to predict the probability of a review being disputed and removed. As the firm loads more review data, it may continue to improve performance and accuracy. For the first round of training, 80,000 records were used, and the company is continuously increasing the number of records to load.


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