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Conviva Launches Streaming Audience Measurement Standard

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Continuous measurement analytics platform, Conviva has confirmed that at CES 2023, it will launch a streaming audience measurement standard that would be available for universal use. Conviva’s real-time cloud sessionization technology is being used in collaboration with premium streaming providers. Census-level streaming audience packaging and measurement which are free of charge and interoperable with linear TV are provided along with new standards. Streaming providers will be able to compete at scale with today’s digital walled garden solutions for ad budgets.

“Audience measurement represents the streaming industry’s biggest opportunity and Conviva’s technology definitively unlocks its potential. For Conviva’s customers, streaming audience is continuously, census-level measured with comprehensive, standardized data. Having solved for this problem technically, we will now work in lock step with the industry to provide a unified streaming ad packaging and measurement solution fully interoperable with any cross-platform currency in market today,” stated Keith Zubchevich, CEO of Conviva.

A complete view of streaming audience insight including social marketing impact can be provided using Conviva’s Continuous Measurement Analytics Platform. The platform was also selected by NBCUniversal as their first measurement partner after successfully completing cross-platform measurements for Super Bowl and Winter Olympics.

“We have an obligation to deliver consumers a great experience, and an obligation to our customers and shareholders to utilize measurement systems that adequately capture the reach, attention, and outcomes we deliver. For the first time, NBCU is bringing its advertising partners a unified cross-screen view across all platforms with access to meaningful metrics that matter to their businesses,” quoted Kelly Abcarian, Measurement & Impact EVP at NBCU.

In order to support its digital and linear partners including Comscore, iSpot and VideoAmp, Warner Media and Paramount has unveiled an alternative measurement strategy using Conviva’s technology for the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2022.

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