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COPC Inc. Launches 7.0 of the COPC CX Standard

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COPC Inc., a global consulting, training, certification, benchmarking, and research organization specializing in Customer Experience (CX), announces Version 7.0 of the COPC CX Standard specializing in Customer Operations and Contact Centers. In COPC CX Standard, operations that support customer experience are managed through a performance management system. There will be versions of the COPC CX Standard in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Kyle Kennedy, COO of COPC Inc. and COPC Standards Committee Member, said, “We built the new COPC CX Standard, Release 7.0 to address the advancement of digital support technologies, to ensure focus on the entire Service Journey and to support greater employee engagement. These new requirements and metrics build on COPC Inc.’s proven approach for driving high performance in CX Operations.”

The major features of COPC CX Standard, Release 7.0 are as follows:

  • Improved Customer Journey Management – Identifies and targets improvements for key customer journeys impacting customer experience and business success.
  • Better Digital Service Channel Management – Added roles, metrics, and processes for managing digital service channels.
  • Employer Engagement Enhancement – Reduces employee turnover and improves customer satisfaction by focusing on key engagement factors.
  • Metrics – The new metrics offer improved and streamlined CX operations.

Fortunato Bertello, VMO Manager LATAM for Millicom International Services, said, “Release 7.0 of the COPC CX Standard is a significant contribution to the contact center industry. This new version enriches traditional channels with many of the best practices added to manage the growing use of digital channels. All customer experience operations can benefit from applying the Standard in their business.”

COPC Standards Committee meetings are held twice a year to discuss industry issues, market trends, and user feedback. During the revision and updating of the Consumer Experience Standard, they ensure the guidelines keep up with changing consumer expectations and behaviors. The standard has evolved over the years to include versions aimed at other audiences such as outsourced service providers (OSPs) and vendor management organizations (VMOs).


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