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CoreLogic Announces the Release of its Discovery Platform

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CoreLogic, a leading provider of financial, property, and consumer information, analytics, and business intelligence solutions, recently launched its Discovery platform- a cloud-based data exchange and property analytics ecosystem. This solution is aimed at helping organizations reduce risks, accelerate growth and innovation, and identify new revenue streams by simplifying data science challenges.

The Discovery platform will help businesses, including those in the mortgage lending, insurance, and property and real estate technology (PropTech/ReTech) industries to discover, integrate, analyze, and model property insights to make crucial business choices more quickly. The key features of CoreLogic’s Discovery platform include:

Data Integration: This feature will help users to seamlessly integrate their business objectives and data with CoreLogic’s data assets. In order to assist organizations in gaining more precise business insights based on the most recent market scenario, CoreLogic’s CLIP® ID offers more granular information at the property level.

Connected Workflows: It will help in seamlessly exporting and integrating data into external operational systems to ease processes between data analytics teams and corporate decision-makers, improve efficiencies, and accelerate business outcomes.

Set of Analytics and modelling tools: With this feature, businesses will have access to a variety of cutting-edge analytics and tools, including data modelling and visualization tools, that are accessible within a protected digital workplace and can be used to extract and classify insights.

Patrick Dodd, President and CEO of CoreLogic, said, “As the industry is increasingly leveraging data science and analytics to understand, improve and grow their businesses, it has never been more important to get the data strategy right. By combining best-in-class data, enhanced analytics, and cross-functional collaboration capabilities into a unified solution, the CoreLogic Discovery Platform allows enterprise leaders to gain insights and integrate into their business activities faster than ever before.”

Furthermore, CoreLogic’s Discovery platform will help organizations in identifying and screening potential customers on the basis of loan or property attributes, real estate or loan transactions, estimated equity or CoreLogic propensity models. It will also help organizations in performing market share and competitive analysis and risk analysis and enable them to identity customers at risk in order to retain and grow their customer base. Finally, it will allow organizations to predict customer behavior and build customer profiles on the basis of key property-related characteristics.


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